Labor-Management Relations Board

In 1975, and as later amended, the Town of Silver City adopted an ordinance which governed the labor-management relations between the Town, certain of its employees, and any labor or employee organization representing or seeking to represent such employees.

  • Such ordinances are codified in the Town’s Municipal Code in Chapter 38, Article II. 
  • Recent amendments are in Ordinance 1290.
  • As part of the comprehensive regulation of labor- management relations, the aforementioned ordinances created a Local Labor-Management Relations Board (hereinafter, the “Local Board”) all consistent with the statutes, rules, and regulations of the State. 

The New Mexico State Legislature has passed certain legislation which affects the substance of the Article, including the creation and application of certain new rules and regulations which are incumbent upon the Town to adopt in order to keep and maintain its Local Board.  

  • Being the intention of the Town of Silver City to keep and maintain its Local Board, the Town Council has adopted the amendments to comport with State Statutory mandates and declares its intention to continue the existence and operation of its Local Board.
  • The Town Council adopted the amendments in Ordinance 1290 to assure consistency between its Municipal Code provisions and those provisions mandated by the State Legislature to take effect July 1, 2020. 

Board Members for Fiscal Year 2020-2021

The current Local Board members are:

A.J. Tow

Martin Rael

Eugene Rodriguez

The duties of the Labor Board are provided in the Town’s Municipal Code in Chapter 38, Sections 38.27 (c), 38.30 (c) and 38.31.