General Rules & Admission Policies

For more information, contact the Public Works Office at 575-388-4640.

  1. Divers
  2. General
  3. Lap Swimming
  1. Only one person is allowed on the diving apparatus (including ladder) at a time.
  2. Divers must dive straight from the front end of the board.
  3. Divers may not spring more than once on the board.
  4. Upon surfacing, immediately swim to the nearest ladder. Do not swim under the boards at any time.
  5. A diver must wait until the preceding diver has surfaced and reached the ladder.
  6. No general swimming is permitted in the diving area, unless, the diving boards are closed by staff.
  7. Extended dives, or dives for distance from the one or three-meter boards or platforms, toward shallow water, are prohibited.
  8. Diving board users must be able to swim to the ladder unassisted