Planning & Permitting

The Town of Silver City requires the following permits and applications, which are processed administratively. These forms, in Adobe Acrobat format, are available for download on this page. They may also be obtained in the Community Development Department.

Administrative Subdivision

Administrative Subdivision Application (PDF)

Required for any division of a single parcel into two parcels, or a re-subdivision in which the combination or recombination or previously platted parcels does not increase the total number of parcels. This applies within Town limits and within the Town’s Extraterritorial Zoning (ETZ). A survey is required.


Jacqui Olea
Phone: 575-534-6372
Email Jacqui Olea

Moving Permit

Manufactured Home Moving Permit Application (PDF)

Required prior to the location or relocation of a mobile, manufactured, or modular home within Town limits. A site plan showing the proposed location of the home on the lot is also required. The permit must be submitted at least five business working days prior to moving the structure.


Maria Stacy
Phone: 575-597- 7028
Email Maria Stacy

Drainage Permit & Floodplain Permits

Drainage and Grading Permit Application (PDF)

Required prior to construction.


Charles (Bud) Melaney
Assistant Engineer/ Flood Plain Administrator
Phone: 575-534-6368
Email Charles Melaney