The mission of the Town Clerk’s office is to:

  • Provide courteous and efficient public service
  • Preserve, protect, and manage the Town’s vital records
  • Administer the Town’s elections
  • Ensure proper publications of legal notices for all meetings of the Town Council and the Town’s Boards and Committees per the State’s Open Meetings Act
  • Ensure compliance of the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act for public records requests
  • Provide support to the Town Council, Town Manager, and staff


The Town Clerk’s office has the following responsibilities:

  • Coordinates all Town Council meetings
  • Administers the Municipal Officer Elections and any special elections pursuant to the New Mexico Election Code
  • Insures that proper procedures are followed for publication, recording, and transcription of Town Council meetings per the New Mexico Open Meetings Act, New Mexico Statutes Annotated (NMSA) 1978, Chapter 10, Article 15
  • Administers the publication of legal notices for all Town Council meetings and all of the Town’s Boards and Committees
  • Processes public records requests per New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act, NMSA 1978, Chapter 14, Article 2
  • Serves as the official custodian of Town records and ensures proper records management per the Town of Silver City Municipal Records Retention Schedules
  • Responsible for codification of the Town’s Code of Ordinances
  • Assists Town officials in the development and introduction of Town ordinances and resolutions
  • Orderly processing of legislation
  • Ensures proper processing of liquor license applications and applications for Special Dispenser Permits, Public Celebration Permits, and Private Celebration Permits
  • Provides support to the Chair of each of the Town’s Boards and Committees, responds to their inquiries regarding the New Mexico Open Meetings Act, and advertises vacancies, etc.
  • Processes external funding applications and reimbursement
  • Processes Lodger’s Tax reimbursements
  • Provides support for the Town Council, the Town Manager, the Town Attorney, and other Town staff as needed
  • Administers the Town’s website
  • Acts as Secretary of the Town’s Cemetery Board
  • Acts as member of the Oversight Committee for the Town’s Identity Theft Prevention Program