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Town of Silver City
Box 1188
Silver City, NM 88062

Town Resolutions: 2005
  • Resolution 2005-41
    The City Council authorizes a grant application with New Mexico Community Development Council under the terms of the Development Block Grant Program.
  • Resolution 2005-40
    The City Council expressed opposition to the introduction of mining within the corporate limits or the extraterritorial zone.
  • Resolution 2005-39
    A resolution vacating a partial area of Blackhawk and Trails End and all of Woodcrest Roads of Indian Hills Subdividion declaring the property to be non-essential for municipal purposes.
  • Resolution 2005-38 English - Resolution 2005-38 Spanish
    A resolution declaring the regular municipal elections to be held March 7, 2006. Resolucion para la eleccion municipal regular que se llevara a cabo el dia 7 de marzo del 2006.
  • Resolution 2005-37
    A resolution providing for the encroachment of a portion of the Gila Street right-of-way.
  • Resolution 2005-36
    A resolution amending resolution 99-32 regarding the town procurement code, public works contracts, and accounts payable process, pursuant to the requirements of the town charter.
  • Resolution 2005-35
    A resolution requesting amendment of Section One of the Municipal Arterial Program Cooperative Agreement for transfer of funds - College Avenue to Pope Street.
  • Resolution 2005-34
    A resolution accepting Section One of the Municipal Arterial Program Cooperative Agreement for College Avenue.
  • Resolution 2005-33
    A resolution requesting modification of Section One of the Municipal Arterial Program Cooperative Agreement for Pope Street.
  • Resolution 2005-32
    A resolution supporting Silver City Mainstreet Project in applying for Main Street Construction Grant Funds.
  • Resolution 2005-31
    To comply with Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968.
  • Resolution 2005-30
    Town of Silver City CDBG Procurement Policy.
  • Resolution 2005-29
    Adopting a fair housing policy.
  • Resolution 2005-28
    Town of Silver City citizen participation plan Community Development Block Grant Program.
  • Resolution 2005-27
    Residential Anti-Displacement And Relocation Plan And Certification.
  • Resolution 2005-26
    Amendment To The Town Of Silver City Employees Personnel Manual.
  • Resolution 2005-25
    A resolution adopting the 2007 - 2011 Infrastructure Capital improvement Plan (ICIP).
  • Resolution 2005-24
    A resolution expressing opposition to the Ensign/McCain "Broadband Investment and Consumer Choise Act"
  • Resolution 2005-23
    Resolving to authorize a recycle advisory committee for the Town of Silver City.
  • Resolution 2005-22
    The Town of Silver City adopts budget.
  • Resolution 2005-21
    The Town of Silver City vacates a portion of a street.

  • Resolution 2005-20
    Participation in local government road fund program administered by New Mexico department of Transportation.
  • Resolution 2005-18
    Ratifying a certain agreement between the Town and the Southwest New Mexico Council of Governments, dated July 1, 2005, and authorizing the execution of same by the proper official of the Town.
  • Resolution 2005-17
    Amending the approved and adopted budget for the fiscal year commencing July 1, 2004, and for municipal purpose in the Town of Silver City, New Mexico, transferring and appropriating funds thereof.
  • Resolution 2005-16
    Supporting Corre Caminos Transit.
  • Resolution 2005-15
    Amending the Town of Silver City's Employee Personnel Manual.
  • Resolution 2005-14
    Budget for Fiscal Year 2006.
  • Resolution 2005-13
    Supporting the Downtown Streetlights Project and in acknowledgement of State grant monies received.
  • Resolution 2005-11
    Re-authorizing and accepting the donation of property from First New Mexico Bank of Silver City to the Town of Silver City for the purpose of enhancing the Town's Trails & Open Space Network.
  • Resolution 2005-10
    Supporting an application for New Mexico Department of Transportation Municipal Arterial Program (MAP) funding.
  • Resolution 2005-09
    Providing for the encroachment of a portion of the Gordon Street right-of-way.
  • Resolution 2005-08
    Authorizing the naming of the Town of Silver City's Water/Sewer utilities building in honor of the late Calistro "Cal" MonŮuz.
  • Resolution 2005-07
    Vacating a portion of 8th Street.
  • Resolution 2005-06
    Support for capital appropriation for expansion of the Southwest Solid Waste Authority facilities serving Grant and Hidalgo Counties, New Mexico.
  • Resolution 2005-05
    Selling a parcel of land owned by the Town located at Lot 141, Indian Hills Subdivision, Unit No. 4, adjacent to Rimrock Road.
  • Resolution 2005-04
    Urging the Governor and Legislature of the State of New Mexico to fully fund New Mexico's Medicaid Program with no further cuts.
  • Resolution 2005-03
    New Mexico Housing Trust Fund.
  • Resolution 2005-02
    State Affordable Housing Tax Credit.
  • Resolution 2005-01
    Open Meetings Notification.

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