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Learn more about wildfire dangers and how to create defensible spaces around your home, business and property. Learn more!

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Schedules for the Town of Silver City recycling and refuse pick-up vary on some national holidays. See if your pick-up is effected!

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Town of Silver City
Box 1188
Silver City, NM 88062

Silver City Town Councils since 1878
1878Chamberlain,1888Black, Robert
1878Crawford, C.P.1888Shoemaker, C.C.
1878Morrill, John B.1888Shutz, Max
1878Newsham, R.V.1888White, William H.

1879Barella, Apolonio1889Maher, Martin
1879Bennett, Cornelius

1879Corbin, James1889Miller, L.D.
1879Swan, Robert1889Sheridan, Joe E.

1889White, M.K.
1880Barella, Apolonio

1880Cohen, J.N.1890Gillett, James
1880Crawford, C.P.1890Miller, L.D.
1880Johnson, J.R.1890Sheridan, Joe E.

1881Casson, M.H.1891Maher, Martin
1881Garrison, W.C.1891Neff, M.W.
1881Miller, S.D.1891White, M.K.
1881Shelton, Fred

1892Gillett, James
1882Cohen, J.N.

1882Crawford, C.P.1893Jones, George D.
1882Higbee, R.P.1893Maher, Martin
1882Meredith, H.M.1893White, M.K.

1883Bennett, Cornelius1894Gillett, James
1883Miller, John A.

1883Walcott, A.E.1895Jones, George D.

1895Maher, Martin
1884Bennett, Cornelius1895White, M.K.
1884Cox, W.S.

1884Mills, J.H.1896Gillett, James
1884Shields, E.G.1896Wagner, Julius

1885Corbin, James1897Carvil, G.W.
1885Miller, S.D.1897Maher, Martin
1885Noel, Harry G.

1885Shields, E.G.1898Gillett, James

1898Wagner, Julius
1886Ailman, Henry B.

1886Gnabe, George1899Carvil, G.W.
1886Jackson, J.C.1899Goodell, A.S.
1886Swift, John S.1899Maher, Martin

1887Owens, William1900Wagner, Julius
1887Spaulding, A.J.

1887Sproat, J.S.1901Carvil, G.W.
1887Stine, Edmond1901Kelly, John J.

1901Maher, Martin

1901Uhli, Stephen

1902Grabe, Richard W.1920Agee, S.W.

1920Bassett, William M.
1903Agee, Jackson
1903Agee, Jackson1921Gietz, Henry
1903Carvil, G.W.1921Metcalf, C.C.
1903Kelly, John J.

1922Breaux, Jason E.
1904Boulware, R.H.1922Kellogg, R.T.
1904Golding, Robert

1923Gietz, Henry
1905Cox, W.S.1923Metcalf, C.C.
1905Layne, Ed A.

1924Robertson, David B.
1906Golding, Robert1924Rose, William J.

1907Agee, Jackson1925Gietz, Henry
1907Cox, W.S.1925Schiff, Leo
1907Layne, Ed A.

1926Robertson, David B.
1908Golding, Robert1926Rose, William J.

1909Agee, Jackson1927Schadel, John
1909Cosgrove, Eugene1927Turner, John W.
1909Layne, Ed A.

1928Robertson, David B.
1910Agee, Jackson1928Rose, William J.
1910Golding, Robert

1929Schadel, John
1911Neblett, Colin1929Turner, John W.

1912Agee, Jackson1930Gwyn, Guy O.
1912Golding, Robert1930Robertson, David B.

1913Lamp, H.W.1931Noble, R.P.
1913Thompson, W.P.1931Turner, John W.

1914Burgess, H.J.1932Borenstein, Jack
1914Kelly, Mason J.1932Gwyn, Guy O.

1915Lamp, H.W.1933Noble, R.P.
1915Thompson, W.P.1933Watts, R.E.

1916Burgess, H.J.1934Ashby, Paul S.
1916Kelly, Mason J.1934Hesser, C.H.

1917Agee, S.W.1935Borenstein, Jack
1917Lamp, H.W.1935Watts, R.E.

1918Bassett, William M.1936Ashby, Paul S.
1918Burgess, H.J.1936Jackson, Robert

1919Pinkerton, J.W.1937Borenstein, Jack
1919Vesely, Frank1937Watts, R.E.

1938Ashby, Paul S.1954Everard, Robert G.
1938Jackson, Robert1954Greene, Bruce H.

1954Larson, Seth
1939Borenstein, Jack1954Riedlinger, J.B.
1939Watts, R.E.

1955Everard, Robert G.
1940Ashby, Paul S.1955Riedlinger, J.B.
1940Jackson, Robert1955Robertson, J.J.

1955Wells, H.R.
1941Emerick, W.H.

1941Porterfield, M.W.1956Crawford, Fred A.

1956Miles, C.H.
1942Ashby, Paul S.1956Robertson, J.J.
1942Jackson, Robert1956Wells, H.R.

1943Emerick, W.H.1957Crawford, Fred A.
1943Porterfield, M.W.1957Johnson, Donald

1957Miles, C.H.
1944Ashby, Paul S.1957Saliz, Frank
1944Jackson, Robert

1958Garcia, Rudolpho
1945Emerick, W.H.1958Johnson, Donald
1945Porterfield, M.W.1958Parsons, Francis B.

1958Saliz, Frank
1946Ashby, Paul S.

1946Jackson, Robert1959Ball, Roland

1959Johnson, Donald
1947Hammack, Harold1959Parsons, Francis B.
1947Pennington, George1959Saliz, Frank

1948Jackson, Robert1960Ball, Roland
1948Wygant, Nelson1960Johnson, Donald

1960Parsons, Francis B.
1949Hammack, Harold1960Saliz, Frank
1949Hefley, George

1949Mullane, William H.1961Ball, Roland

1961Cobb, C.C., M.D.
1950Cansler, Harry1961Droke, William E.
1950Hickson, Wayne1961Parsons, Francis B.

1951Edmonson, L.W.1962Altamirano, Ben D.
1951Larson, Seth1962Droke, William E.

1962Ranger, Arthur H.
1952Cansler, Harry1962Ryan, James S., Jr.
1952Edmonson, L.W.

1952Larson, Seth1963Altamirano, Ben D.
1952White, Mrs. Athington1963Cain, Lowell

1963Goldsmith, Richard
1953Cansler, Harry

1953Greene, Bruce H.1964Ball, Roland
1953Larson, Seth1964Parsons, Francis B.
1953White, Mrs. Athington

1965Altamirano, Ben D.1976Lane, James C.
1965Ball, Roland1976Lopez, John D.
1965Cain, Lowell1976Maxwell, Donald E.
1965Parsons, Francis B.1976Powers, Thomas F.X.

1976White, Donald W.
1966Bower, Leon M.

1966Harper, James1977Escamilla, Tony
1966White, Robert A.1977Lane, James C.

1977Powers, Thomas F.X.
1967Altamirano, Ben D.1977Stepp, Robert
1967Bower, Leon M.1977White, Donald W.
1967Maxwell, Donald E.

1978Escamilla, Tony
1968Altamirano, Ben D.1978Maldonado, Librado
1968Bower, Leon M.1978Maxwell, Donald E.
1968Maxwell, Donald E.1978Powers, Thomas F.X.
1968White, Robert A.

1979Kittley, Dave
1969Altamirano, Ben D.1979Maldonado, Librado
1969Bower, Leon M.1979Maxwell, Donald E.
1969Maxwell, Donald E.1979Vendrely, Susan
1969White, Robert A.

1980Dunagan, Dan
1970Altamirano, Ben D.1980Johnson, Richard C.
1970Bower, Leon M.1980Kittley, Dave
1970Perea, Pete1980Vendrely, Susan
1970Perez, Johnnie

1981Dunagan, Dan
1971Acosta, Samuel J.1981Hunter, Paul
1971Altamirano, Ben D.1981Johnson, Richard C.
1971Bower, Leon M.1981Stermer, Lucy
1971Gose, Randall1981Vendrely, Susan
1971Perea, Pete

1971Perez, Johnnie1982Dunagan, Dan
1971Wygant, N.P., Jr.1982Hunter, Paul

1982Stermer, Lucy
1972Acosta, Samuel J.1982Trujillo, Antonio
1972Gose, Randall

1972Perez, Johnnie1983Bearup, Steve
1972Serna, Manuel1983Dunagan, Dan
1972Wygant, N.P., Jr.1983Mitchell, Stan

1983Trujillo, Antonio
1973Acosta, Samuel J.

1973Gose, Randall1984Bearup, Steve
1973Lopez, John D.1984Dunagan, Dan

1984Mitchell, Stan
1974Acosta, Samuel J.1984Ortiz, Ben
1974Gose, Randall1984Perez, Luis
1974Lopez, John D.
1974Serna, Manuel1985Beard, Brandon

1985Bearup, Steve
1975Lopez, John D.1985Dunagan, Dan
1975Maldonado, Librado1985Ortiz, Ben
1975Powers, Thomas F.X.
1986Bearup, Steve
1986Lucero, Angel R.1997Alecksen, Michael
1986Moreno, Joe M.1997Clauss, Gary
1986Stermer, Lucy1997Dominguez, Ralph

1997Payne, Vearle
1987Bearup, Steve

1987Blair, Jim1998Alecksen, Michael
1987Lucero, Angel R.1998Clauss, Gary
1987Stermer, Lucy1998Dominguez, Ralph

1998Gary, Elizabeth
1988Bearup, Steve1998Payne, Vearle
1988Blair, Jim

1988Lucero, Angel R.1999Alecksen, Michael
1988Turney, Robert1999Clauss, Gary

1999Dominguez, Ralph
1989Blair, Jim1999Gary, Elizabeth
1989Lucero, Angel R.

1989Turney, Robert2000Gary, Elizabeth
1989Young, Robert2000Alecksen, Michael

2000Clauss, Gary
1990Blair, Jim2000Dominguez, Ralph
1990Mesa, Greg

1990Turney, Robert2001Gary, Elizabeth
1990Young, Robert2001Russell, Peter

1991Jones, John Paul2001Dominguez,Ralph
1991Mesa, Greg

1991Sierra, Frank2002Gary, Elizabeth
1991Turney, Robert2002Ward, Alice Judith

2002Seibel, Nickolas C.
1992Alecksen, Michael2002Clauss, Gary
1992Jones, John Paul2002May, Steve
1992Mendoza, Tony

1992Mesa, Greg2003Ward, Alice Judith

2003Seibel, Nickolas C.
1993Alecksen, Michael2003Clauss, Gary
1993Griego, Linda2003May, Steve
1993Hinerman, Edward

1993Mendoza, Tony2004Ward, Alice Judith

2004Nupp, Thomas A.
1994Alecksen, Michael2004Clauss, Gary
1994Dominguez, Ralph2004May, Steve
1994Griego, Linda

1994Hinerman, Edward2005Ward, Alice Judith

2005Nupp, Thomas A.
1995Alecksen, Michael2005Clauss, Gary
1995Dominguez, Ralph2005May, Steve
1995Hinerman, Edward
1995Payne, Vearle2006Ward, Alice Judith

2006Nupp, Thomas A.
1996Alecksen, Michael2006Clauss, Gary
1996Dominguez, Ralph2006May, Steve
1996Hinerman, Edward
1996Payne, Vearle

2007Ward, Alice Judith
2007Nupp, Thomas A.
2007Wheaton-Smith, Simon
2007May, Steve

2008Ward, Alice Judith
2008Nupp, Thomas A.
2008Wheaton-Smith, Simon W.
2008May, Harold "Steve"

2009Bettison, Cynthia Ann
2009Nupp, Thomas A.
2009Wheaton-Smith, Simon
2009May, Harold "Steve"

2010Bettison, Cynthia Ann
2010Thomson, Jamie K.
2010Wheaton-Smith, Simon
2010Morones, Michael S.

2011Bettison, Cynthia Ann
2011Thomson, Jamie K.
2011Ray, Jr., Jose A.
appointed until 3/2012

2011Morones, Michael S.

2012Bettison, Cynthia Ann
2012Hassler-Cook, Pauline
2012Ray, Jr., Jose A.
elected for second year of 2-year term3/2012

2012Morones, Michael S.

2013Bettison, Cynthia Ann
2013Hassler-Cook, Pauline
2013Ray, Jr., Jose A.
2013Morones, Michael S.

2014Bettison, Cynthia Ann
2014Aiman-Smith, Lynda D.
2014Ray, Jr., Jose A.
2014Cano, Guadalupe "Lupe"

2015Bettison, Cynthia Ann
2015Aiman-Smith, Lynda D.
2015Ray, Jr., Jose A.
2015Cano, Guadalupe "Lupe"

2016Bettison, Cynthia Ann
2016Aiman-Smith, Lynda D.
2016Ray, Jr., Jose A.
2016Cano, Guadalupe "Lupe"

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