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Utilities Department Legal & Public Notices
This section provides an archive and record of recent and past Legal Notices for the Utilities Department, including notices for meetings and events that have already taken place:

Open Meetings Act Compliance
Public access to the proceedings and decision-making processes of governmental boards, agencies and commissions is an essential element of a properly functioning democracy. We believe strongly in open government. Meetings held by public officials to discuss public business, particularly when conducted with the public taxpayers’ money, are the taxpayers’ business. The Open Meetings Act is one of New Mexico’s 'good government' laws, and it deserves the full support of all New Mexicans.

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An anonymous donor has funded the purchase of a Reverse Emergency Notification System for Grant County. Register your phones, cell phones and email addresses to receive alerts of evacuations, emergency events, road closures and other significant events. The link below will take you to Grant County's Reverse Emergency Notification System for the County. Learn more!

Silver City has updated its annual Parks and Activity Directory, a booklet with information for all ages about all kinds of activity opportunities available in Silver City. Learn more!

Learn more about wildfire dangers and how to create defensible spaces around your home, business and property. Learn more!

Sanitation Schedule
Schedules for the Town of Silver City recycling and refuse pick-up vary on some national holidays. See if your pick-up is effected!

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Town of Silver City
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Town Water Conservation Plan
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The Town of Silver City initiated a water conservation planning process to evaluate ways to sustain and conserve its municipal groundwater supply. The water conservation plan was developed with guidance and review of a stakeholder group that included representation from the Town, water associations, environmental groups, local committees, the local business community, the New Mexico Environment Department, the Southwest New Mexico Council of Governments, and the general public.

The Town has outlined the following goals for its water conservation program:
  • Reduce outdoor water use
  • Reduce water waste; not allowing wasted water to run down the streets will enhance public education efforts regarding the importance of water conservation
  • Reduce peak summer demands for more efficient system operation and reduced energy use
  • Reduce pumping and treatment costs
  • Ensure a revenue-neutral program that can be financed by the Town
  • Strengthen ordinances and policies relating to water conservation
  • Minimize nonpoint source pollution by integrating stormwater management into the water conservation program
  • Educate the public about water conservation and sustainable supply issues, and
  • Incentivize conservation behavior.
The Town Council adopted the plan on August 27, 2013, via Resolution 2013-32.

The Town anticipates a phased implementation program. After the first 5 years of the program, the Town will revisit its longer-term goals.

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