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Recycling Advisory Committee Legal & Public Notices
This section provides an archive and record of recent and past Legal Notices for the Recycling Advisory Committee, including notices for meetings and events that have already taken place:

Open Meetings Act Compliance
Public access to the proceedings and decision-making processes of governmental boards, agencies and commissions is an essential element of a properly functioning democracy. We believe strongly in open government. Meetings held by public officials to discuss public business, particularly when conducted with the public taxpayers’ money, are the taxpayers’ business. The Open Meetings Act is one of New Mexico’s 'good government' laws, and it deserves the full support of all New Mexicans.

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Sanitation Schedule
Schedules for the Town of Silver City recycling and refuse pick-up vary on some national holidays. See if your pick-up is effected!

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About the Single-Stream Recycling Program
Special Notice: The Town of Silver City Single Stream Recycling Program and pick-up schedule will remain the same. Please continue to recycle as in the past. If you have any questions, please contact Southwest Solid Waste Authority at 388-8051 and select Option 3.

The Southwest Solid Waste Authority is now sending mixed recyclables, excluding glass, to Friedman Recycling in El Paso (glass is recycled at the landfill). Friedman?s facility is largely automated, and is extremely efficient. It?s scale also allows for sale of recyclables into more and better markets than was previously possible when SWSWA separated and processed the recyclables themselves. This approach is providing significant time and cost savings, as well as making it easier for citizens to recycle more of their waste stream. Ultimately, higher recycling rates save us all a lot of money by reducing the need for constructing and operating new landfill cells.

  • Cardboard (flattened)
  • Newspaper and magazines
  • Brown paper bags
  • White, colored and computer paper
  • Junk mail and envelopes
  • Paperboard (cereal, pasta, soda cartons)
  • Phone books

White Office Paper
White office paper is recyclable and can be placed at curbside. It is one of the highest grades of paper available. Included in this category are letterhead, laser printer paper, copier paper, and white notebook paper, among others.

Staples do not need to be removed as they are removed during the recycling process.

Newspapers are recyclable and can be placed at curbside. The entire newspaper (including inserts) is recyclable except for items such as product samples and rubber bands. Newspaper has been recycled profitably for decades. Newspaper is widely available and of uniform consistency which makes it valuable. Recycled newspaper can be used for making newsprint and corrugated or folding boxes.

Magazines are recyclable and can be placed in your curbside bin. There are many other ways to recycle a magazine, also. Use colorful pages for decorative wrap, origami, book covers, etc., or donate to your physician or dentist's waiting room.

Phone books
Phone books can be recycled at curbside. Simply place them in the recycling container on the day of collection.

Corrugated Cardboard
Corrugated cardboard is recyclable and can be placed at curbside. It should be flattened and placed underneath your curbside container so that it does not blow away. Contaminated cardboard, like greasy pizza boxes, is not acceptable. Staples are allowed, but it is important to remove any packing tape still attached and packaging material like Styrofoam.

Junk Mail
Many types of junk mail are recyclable at curbside. Just be sure to screen it for non-recyclable items like magnets and plastic membership cards.

Mixed-paper is recyclable and can be placed at curbside. The term mixed-paper refers to types of paper not previously mentioned. Everything you can imagine, including door hangers, packaging materials, sticky notes, windowed envelopes, and more is acceptable at Friedman?s recycling plant. The paper must be clean, dry, and free of food, plastic, wax, and other contamination. Most junk mail can be recycled as mixed-paper as well when you remove plastic wrap, stickers, product samples, and membership cards.

Non-recyclable Paper
Paper that cannot be recycled as "mixed paper" includes food-contaminated paper, waxed paper, oil-soaked paper, carbon paper, sanitary products or tissues, thermal fax paper, stickers and plastic-laminated paper such as fast food wrappers, aseptics, and pet food bags. Paper with any sort of contamination or plastic lamination cannot be recycled.


Metal containers, foil, and clean pans ? this includes all beverage and food cans
  • Aluminum cans
  • Steel, tin and bimetallic cans
  • Clean aluminum foil and baking pans

It is not necessary to remove labels for recycling. Just rinse aluminum containers to prevent odors. In 1997, the aluminum industry recycled 3.7 million metric tons of aluminum and 1.5 million metric tons of old scrap that resulted from consumer products. Because the value of aluminum is so high, aluminum recycling is a very cost-effective alternative to disposal.

More steel is recycled each year than all other materials combined. Steel's magnetic quality makes it one of the easiest materials to retrieve from construction debris, demolished buildings, junked automobiles, and old appliances. Besides saving landfill space, recycling steel saves valuable energy and natural resources. Every ton of steel recycled conserves 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal, and 120 pounds of limestone.


All plastics carrying Plastic Identification Codes 1 to 7 can be recycled. Rinse containers if needed, remove lids and discard them in the regular trash bin.

For more details call the Southwest Solid Waste Authority at 388-8051, Option 3.

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